13 Hilarious Ian Botham Quotes

  1. A few years ago England would have struggled to beat the Eskimos
  2. Aussies are big and empty, just like their country.
  3. Because people say I look like an Indian, I’m starting to believe it.. Even made an effort to make myself look like a legit one.
  4. Genghis Khan was a fascinating man and way ahead of his time.
  5. I can remember running around at the age of 3, wanting to play golf, cricket and football. I was always active, one way or another, driving my parents mad.
  6. I don’t ask my wife to face Michael Holding, so there’s no reason why I should be changing nappies
  7. I don’t think I’ve actually drunk a beer for 15 years, except a few Guinnesses in Dublin, where it’s the law.
  8. I think I’d struggle to get excited by synchronised swimming.
  9. If I’d done a quarter of the things of which I’m accused, I’d be pickled in alcohol, I’d be a registered drug addict and would have sired half the children in the world’s cricket-playing countries
  10. If you’re playing against the Australians, you don’t walk.
  11. Jacques Rudolph at the moment is using the inside edge as much as the middle of the bat.
  12. Pakistan is the sort of place every man should send his mother-in-law, for a month, with all expenses paid.
  13. Winston Churchill would be great to have around the table.
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