20 AntiOxidant Rich Foods For Optimal Health

20 AntiOxidant Rich Foods For Optimal Health

Antioxidants work well in helping the body fight against early signs of aging and other serious health issues. There are plenty of food options that are high in antioxidants. Below are the 20 antioxidant-rich foods that you can consider adding in your diet for better health.

20 AntiOxidant Rich Foods

Benefits of Eating Antioxidant-Rich Foods

  • Improves eye health: foods rich in vitamins C and E, as well as beta-carotene, were found to have an effect on age-related blindness or muscular degeneration. The zeaxanthin and lutein found in spinach have also been seen to help improve eye health. The flavonoids found in bilberries, and the resveratrol seen in grape skins are known to be beneficial in enhancing vision.
  • Enhances skin: Free radicals damage your cells, speeding up the aging process. Antioxidants can help prevent or fight against this damage. Eating foods rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, and other antioxidant properties have been shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Helps prevent heart diseases: There are many foods that can help you combat stroke and heart diseases. Studies show that eating foods rich in Vitamin C can significantly reduce your risk of stroke.

Identifying Antioxidant-rich Foods

Most vegetables, fruits, and herbs are high in antioxidants, like beta-carotene, vitamin C, lycopene, and flavonoids. While there is no Recommended Daily Amount set for antioxidants, there is a way to check their amount in each food through the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity score. This shows how powerful a certain food is in fighting off free radicals. The measurements were done based on 100 grams of each type of food.

Top 10 Superfoods

1. Goji berries (25,000 ORAC Score)

Goji berries, or wolf berries, are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants. These red fruits are known to help improve eye health, prevent heart disease, and even boost your immune system to fight off diseases. You can easily include them in any fruit-based desserts, like a smoothie.

2. Dark Chocolate (21,000 ORAC Score)

Dark chocolate is filled with essential nutrients that can help improve your overall health. If you love chocolates, then this is a bonus for you. Studies show that regularly consuming dark chocolates (at the right amount) can lower your risk of heart disease.

3. Wild blueberries (14,000 ORAC Score)

Wild blueberries are high in anthocyanin, which is a type of flavonoid that is rich in antioxidants. They are deep blue in color because of this compound. It is said that these berries have much more powerful than blueberries when it comes to antioxidant content.

4. Pecans (17,000 ORAC Score)

Pecans are rich in unsaturated fat that can help lower blood cholesterol and boost the good cholesterol or HDL. Majority of the fats in pecans are monounsaturated, while the rest are polyunsaturated. Best of all, they contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals, with zero trans-fat.

5. Artichoke (9,400 ORAC Score)

Artichokes have a tough exterior and you need to take extra caution when preparing them. They are known for being rich in dietary fiber, folate, and vitamins C and K. Another great thing about them is that they are high in vitamin C that protects you from certain serious illnesses.

6. Cranberries (9,500 ORAC Score)

Cranberries are loaded with fiber and Vitamin C. They only contain 45 calories for each cup. Its antioxidant content beats nearly every fruit and vegetable, such as red grapes and cherries.

7. Elderberries (14,000 ORAC Score)

Elderberry is used to create medicine, thanks to its antioxidant properties. This fruit is known to help lower cholesterol, improve the immune system, boost heart health, and enhance vision. It was once used to address the flu epidemic in Panama in 1995.

8.Kidney Beans (8,400 ORAC Score)

Kidney beans provide heart health and blood sugar stabilizing benefits. They are loaded with soluble fiber that helps improve your overall health. Muscle builders will be delighted to know that these beans contain 15 grams of protein.

9. Cilantro (5,100 ORAC Score)

Cilantro leaves are extremely low in calories, and contain zero cholesterol. Their deep-green leaves provide a high level of antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils, and dietary fiber. They are effective in helping reduce the bad cholesterol in your blood.

10. Blackberries (5,300 ORAC Score)

Blackberries are filled with vitamin C and bioflavonoids. They are also low in sodium, and contain only 62 calories per serving. Their dark blue color proves that they are one of the best antioxidant-rich foods around.

Top 10 Superherbs

1. Clove (314,446 ORAC Score)

Cloves have the highest amount of phenols, outperforming other spices and herbs. Aside from being rich in antioxidants, cloves also have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-septic properties. They are great in healing skin disorders, as well as gum and teeth issues.

2. Cinnamon (267,537 ORAC Score)

Cinnamon is made from Cinnamomum, which is the inner bark of the tree. This spice is incredibly delicious, and is known for its medicinal properties. It helps reduce your risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, and offers a wide range of other health benefits.

3. Oregano (159,277 ORAC Score)

Oregano is a popular herb that contains four times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. This herb offers a wide range of health benefits, including having antibiotic properties. Its protective compounds allow it to guard the body’s cells against damages caused by free radicals, helping you fight off infection better.

4. Cocoa (80,933 ORAC Score)

Cacao is the major reason why chocolates are addictive. This seed is known to help lower bad cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation, increase good cholesterol levels, boost brain function, and so much more. You can make a drink out of it, or make delicious healthy brownies for your post-workout nutrition.

5. Turmeric (102,700 ORAC Score)

Turmeric contains powerful medicinal properties. It has long been used in Indian and Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory drug. This spice is known to treat jaundice, bloody ruine, menstrual problems, toothache, hemorrhage, and more.

6. Dried Parsley (74,349 ORAC Score)

Parsley is filled with essential vitamins, including B12, C, A, and K. This herb can keep your immune system stable, your bones strong, and your nervous system in great condition. It also works by flushing out the excess fluid from your body, supporting the kidneys.

7. Cumin (76,800 ORAC Score)

Cumin is rich in antioxidant compounds that offer countless health benefits. This spice has been used to treat various health problems for many years. It helps increase your metabolism, improve your immune system, and enhances the absorption of nutrients in the body.

8. Basil (67,553 ORAC Score)

The basil is commonly used as a seasoning for various dishes. This fragrant plant has been found to have several health benefits. It is rich in essential nutrients that help treat inflammatory bowel diseases and arthritis.

9. Thyme (27,426 ORAC Score)

Thyme is filled with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for optimal health. It is one of the best sources of iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and selenium. It is also rich in important vitamins, including B-complex, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, and beta-carotene.

10. Ginger (28,811 ORAC Score)

Ginger is healthy because of its exceptional amount of antioxidant compounds. It contains up to 25 different nutrients, beating most of the foods here on the list. Ginger is known for effectively fighting various free radicals that damage the body’s cells.



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