Best Curling Wands For Long Hair

Unlike thin hair and normal hair, thick or long hair is notoriously hard to manage. Curls and waves don’t keep their shape for long. With the right tool, though, you can achieve beautifully styled hair that maintains its form for hours. One of these tools is the curling wand. A curling wand has several advantages. It creates lovely waves, with less potential for damage. It’s also more time-saving, plus it doesn’t leave any out of place creases or crimps in the hair. There are curling wands specially made to handle long hair.

If it’s your first time to use a curling wand or if you’ve used it previously and quit because you got burned, just follow these tips to ensure success this time around.


Tips for choosing a curling wand for long hair:

When selecting a curling wand, there are some features that you should take note of. The barrel size is one important consideration. It should be around 1-2 inches so you can wind the whole length of your hair around it. A smaller barrel size means you’ll be limited to curling only the bottom portion of your hair. As for barrel material, the most effective and durable are ceramic and titanium.

You should also look for a curling wand that lets you control and adjust the temperature. Be sure that the curling wand has a cooling tip as well so that you avoid burning your fingers when you wrap and hold the edge of your hair against the wand. Speaking of preventing burns, the curling wand should come with a sturdy heat resistant glove.

Best Curling Wands For Long Hair

1. Babyliss Pro ConiCurl Tapered Curling Iron

The Babyliss Pro ConiCurl Tapered Curling Iron heats up fairly quickly to a maximum temperature of 450°F. The barrel is built of titanium for outstanding durability and offers more versatility since it widens from ½ inch to 1 inch. If you have medium length hair, you can choose to create either smaller ringlets on one end or larger waves on the other end and if you have longer hair, you can still produce beautiful curls since the diameter of the barrel is ideal for covering the entire length of your hair. The handle also has an ergonomic design for a comfortable hold.

2. GHD Curl Soft Curl Tong 1.25 inch

Highly recommended for long or thick hair, the GHD Curl Soft Curl Tong’s barrel has a diameter of 1 and ¼ inches. With its ceramic barrel, it can generate large, loose waves or curls that retain their form for hours. It’s equipped with a cooling tip so you won’t burn your fingers as you press and hold your hair. It also comes with a stand where you can place the iron. This iron doesn’t take long to heat up and it has a convenient safety feature that switches the iron off if unused for 30 minutes. The longer than average swivel cord makes it easy to use and tangle-free as well.

3. Irresistible Me Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron Wand

The Irresistible Me Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron Wand stands out from the competition with its innovative technology which allows the barrel to turn both ways, providing more options in styling. This barrel is about an inch long and uses a combination of ceramic, tourmaline and diamond material. Other highlights of this wand are its quick heating time, maximum temperature of 410 degrees and safety feature that powers down the wand after an hour of inactivity. It also has a LED screen display for the temperature. This wand’s tip is cool to the touch as well so no matter what the temperature, you can safely hold down the edge of your hair.

4. Jose Eber Curling Iron 25mm

One of the curling irons made with professional quality and trusted by experts is the Jose Eber Curling Iron. It heats up in next to no time and this iron’s barrel is just under an inch long, perfect for efficient winding of long hair. It’s also made of ceramic and layered with aluminum for healthy, glossy curls and waves. It has a clean simple look and a handle that rotates, making it remarkably easy to use. Aside from that, it’s sturdy and lightweight at the same time. It even has a long swivel cord so you have more freedom of movement.

5. Kadori Medium Size Professional Curling Iron

When it comes to quality, Kadori is top of the line and the Kadori Medium Size Professional Curling Iron is a great example. The barrel’s material is a mix of ceramic and tourmaline, ceramic for high heat and tourmaline for uniform dispensing of heat throughout the barrel’s length. This medium size iron has a 1 inch barrel and an indicator to determine when the iron has reached the set temperature, which usually takes only a couple of minutes. It provides variable temperature options, up to 450 degrees. The cooling tip also rotates conveniently, plus this iron has a safety feature that automatically shuts it off when it stands idle for 60 minutes.

6. Perfectwo Ceramic Digital Curling Wand

The Perfectwo Ceramic Digital Curling Wand has five heating options to choose from. The temperature reaches up to 410 degrees and you can see the exact temperature on the LED screen. The ceramic barrel tapers from ½ inch to 1 inch and takes less than two minutes to heat up. This wand is also primed for safety as it shuts off after 60 minutes when it’s not in use. The cooling tip keeps your fingers safe from accidental burns and the wand comes with a safety covering to be worn on your thumb and two of your fingers.

7. Remington Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand

If you’re looking for a curling wand that produces professional-looking results, the Remington Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand is a wonderful choice. It has a minimum temperature of 270 degrees and a maximum of 410 degrees. This wand will heat up in only a few seconds thanks to the barrel which uses a unique combination of ceramic and pearl to yield smooth, beautiful and lustrous curls. This wand is also supported by an additional safety feature; it shuts off when it’s not used for an hour and its accessories include a heat resistant glove.

8. Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron

Another top quality curling wand is the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron. Its barrel size is an impressive 1.4 inches long and it’s of ceramic construction, guaranteeing that heat is dispersed equally throughout the entire barrel and preventing any hot spots which could burn and damage your hair. It also works quickly and efficiently, plus it’s easy to handle and lightweight. The temperature can be regulated so that you can use a lower heat setting if you have thin hair and higher heat if you have thick hair. A heat resistant glove is conveniently included as well.

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