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Some women struggle to style their long hair because they lack the time and money for a salon visit. This is why they often end up wearing a ponytail or a bun. There is really nothing wrong with pulling your hair up, but there are many wonderful styles that you can do with your long locks. The possibilities are nearly endless because you can experiment with various styles, especially if you have the best hot rollers on hand. This article has everything that you need to know about hot rollers for long hair that you can check.

Quick Buying Guide

There are plenty of hot rollers available out there that you can choose from. The process can leave you overwhelmed and confused, especially when you start checking out the innovative models. Here are important factors that you have to note when it comes to buying hot rollers for your long hair:

Fast Heating

Quick heating allows for fast curling time. You can easily create gorgeous curls in less than 30 minutes. Make sure, however, that the material used will evenly distribute the heat and will not damage your hair.

Durable Material

Your hot rollers should be durable enough to last for years. Look for a model that uses durable materials, such as ceramic. It would also help if you can find one that offers warranty coverage to keep your unit working great for a long time.

Wide Range of Roller Sizes

Most devices come with clips and rollers, but a few have jumbo and super jumbo roller sizes. The variety in sizes will be highly beneficial when you want to create different hairstyles with your device. You can easily make big or tight curls, depending on your preferences.

Ion Technology

The ion technology allows the device to evenly spread the heat without causing damage. It works by trapping the moisture as you style your hair. This will create soft, smooth, and shiny curls.

Reputable Brand

Brand plays a role in the buying process mainly because a product coming from a reputable company will give customers a peace of mind. The product should have a well-written owner’s manual that contains all the information you need about the unit. It would also help if the manufacturer has a solid customer support.

Hot Rollers for Long Hair

Flat irons may be able to create curls, but not as gorgeous as those produced by hot rollers. You get to save plenty of styling time and money as long as you buy the right model for your needs. Below are some of the best hot rollers for long hair that are worth your attention:

Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave Hair Setter

This Revlon hair setter offers 12 long hot rollers of two different sizes. It contains six medium and six large rollers. You will also receive 12 hair clips that will secure the strands as you style, ensuring you will never encounter tangles. It works pretty well on users with long hair because of the length of the rollers.

Caruso Molecular Steam Setter

This product has 30 rollers included in the package. It has a steam setter that provides versatility because it lets you experiment with the different roller sizes. The unit is placed in a carrying case, which can accommodate six rollers each for petite, small, medium, large, and jumbo. Best of all, its Professional Molecular system lets you curl your hair in seconds, as long as you blow your hair dry first to allow the moisture to evaporate.

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo Hairsetter

This Conair hair setter uses ceramic technology that produces even heat and does not cause damage. The material is also durable enough to last for years when well taken care of. It allows you to easily achieve the right volume and curl with its four super jumbo and eight jumbo rollers. The package contains 12 clips that secure the hair strands for best results.

What’s great about this model is that you only need two minutes to heat up the rollers. This is already enough time to give your hair some long-lasting curls. The Ion Shine feature makes sure that your hair remains moisturized and shiny without any frizz at all. It also reduces static to help you create soft and smooth curls that last. People with fine hair, however, should be extra cautious when using the clips as they tend to leave crimps or marks on this hair type.

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

The T3 hot rollers can help you create voluptuous waves with its four large and four extra large rollers. It will only take you three minutes to heat them up. The best thing about this model is that each roller uses tourmaline technology to release infrared and ionic heat.

This technology lets you create frizz-free and healthy curls without causing damage. Since it speeds up quickly, the rollers easily penetrate the hair shaft to ensure each strand has the shine and volume that you want to achieve. The sizes of the rollers make it best suited for users with long hair, but you can use it for any hair type.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Jumbo Roller Setter

The Babyliss Pro hair setter contains jumbo rollers that can easily style your long hair. This product uses nano-titanium technology that produces far-infrared heat for faster styling without damage. The heat is spread evenly at a faster rate than other models, penetrating the hair from roots to tips.

Since it uses far-infrared technology, the rollers are gentle on the hair, so you do not have to worry about damage. The rollers provide an easy grip, so they will not slip during use. The unit has an indicator light that telss you when it is on or off.

Remington Compact Hairsetter

This Remington hair setter is compact in design, perfect for travelers. It comes with a carrying case that lets you bring it wherever you go. The entire unit measures only 4.3in x 10cm for portability.

The package includes 10 hot rollers, where five are medium in size and five are large. These rollers are perfect for users with long hair. They are easy to use and grip. Each roller has end rings for easy handling, and they are cool to touch. The ionic technology used on this model helps reduce frizz and static for a shiny and healthy hair.


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