Say Cheese! 5 Tips For Perfect Smile

Say Cheese! 5 Tips For Perfect Smile

Everybody wants to look great in photos. While there are people who were gifted with effortless looks, many are hungry for tips on how they can smile perfectly in pictures. The good news is that there are easy ways to look great on camera.


5 Tips For Perfect Smile

Follow these five simple tips to finally flash that perfectly gorgeous and confident smile that will turn heads:

Stand Up Straight

Many people have a hard time standing straight, especially when they are in a group. Others, however, are just too used to slouching. What these people do not know is that posture is everything. When you stand up straight, you will look more confident and slim. Simply stand comfortably with your back straight, and turn your head a bit and drop the chin. This will help you prevent having the dreaded double-chin.

Check Your Teeth

A lot of people turn shy when in front of the camera because of their poor teeth condition. Make sure to keep your teeth in top shape as this can affect your confidence and overall health. Have those broken, cracked, or missing teeth fixed to bring out that gorgeous smile. Of course, do not forget to care for your gum health. Brush properly and floss more often.

Use the Right Lipstick

This tip is for women who loves to wear lipstick. Make sure to choose one that is right for your skin tone. Using the right shade of lipstick can make you teeth look whiter and healthier. Pink or bright red are your best options. Blue undertones can also help hide the yellow teeth stains.

Be Yourself

This is one of the best advice that you need to remember and practice. Smile gently, and keep your body and face relaxed to avoid looking stiff. Open your mouth a bit, so the lower lip can match the curve of the upper teeth. Shake your body whenever you feel tense to make your smile more naturally and not awkward.


Yes, practice makes perfect. It will take some time to achieve that perfect smile, but you should never give up. If you have a big event coming up, then you will want to work double time. Take more photos with your friends, and try your best to smile more often.

Smile in front of your mirror and see which is your best angle. You can even ask a trusted friend or family member to check your smile. It may seem silly at first, but it works. Keep your shoulders relaxed and try to look for the right angle that will make you taller, slimmer, and more confident.

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